Door mirror

We stock genuine, second-hand door mirrors for late-model BMWs. All sourced from low-KM vehicles.

Our mirrors are inspected for wear & damage after they’re removed from vehicles, any defects & moderate scratches/scuffs will be noted in each product’s comments.

View our stock online here, or contact our team for a quote.

Common issues & diagnosis

We mainly sell door mirrors for collision repair purposes—they typically do not have any common electrical or mechanical problems.

What is the part's function?

In addition to providing rear-view, many BMW door mirrors are now fitted with blind-spot warnings, surround view cameras and indicators. Most of them are electric folding, and some include auto-dimming and heating (anti-frost) features.

How to determine fitment compatibility

Each model generation typically has a huge amount of door mirror variants. For starters, there are different base trim styles (gloss or matt) and sometimes LCI shape updates. And then within those styles there are variants for the different combinations of options and features that BMW offers such as electric folding, auto-dip, auto-dimming, heating, etc.

The only way to successfully match a mirror to your vehicle is to match the BMW part number and options codes. This can be done by decoding your VIN in a professional BMW parts catalogue (RealOEM is usually not sufficient.)

Provide our team with your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN and we’ll check our stock for a compatible part.

Interchangeability between models

There is some interchangeability of mirrors between sister models of the same generation (F-Generation 3 and 4 Series, etc.)

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