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We stock individual wheels for a wide range of late-model BMWs. All of our wheels are genuine, second-hand sourced from low-KM vehicles.

Additionally, we also have some space savers available, but only from model generations that come with them factory in Australia—which excludes most cars (such as F30 and G20.)

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Common issues & diagnosis

Genuine BMW wheels are well made—but rough roads, curbs and potholes can cause them to buckle and crack.

It’s particularly common for drivers to crack the front rims on the larger AWD models —such as the X5, X6 and X7—mainly just due to the sheer size & weight of the cars combined with Australian roads.

Low profile rims on the smaller models are also an issue—as our roads easily buckle them.

We cannot help with individual wheels for aftermarket sets. These aftermarket sets (which often look genuine) are widely distributed and installed on many people’s cars. They are made from much cheaper alloy—and therefore more easily cracked. In cases where people crack one of these wheels, we recommend purchasing a full new set of genuine wheels.

How to determine fitment compatibility

All genuine BMW wheels have a part number stamped into the back of one of the spokes. This is intended to assist technicians in identifying which style of wheel is on the car.

If you’ve damaged one of your vehicle’s wheels and are searching for a replacement—we strongly recommend removing the damaged wheel to determine the part number.

Whilst it is possible to use size, model and visual features to match a wheel—some of the styles are almost indistinguishable and we’ve seen many buyers make mistakes.

Interchangeability between models

There is some interchangeability of wheels between similar models.

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